700 High Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington / CALL  0800 4 JANUS  04 577 3326 

Janus Bakkerij will be CLOSED to honour ANZAC Day - Thursday 25th April

Janus Bakkerij is about upholding a family tradition that dates back many generations to the days when the Janus family lived in Holland.

Joe Janus Senior was the original founder of the Bakehouse. An award winning pastry cook in his native Holland - he moved to New Zealand in the 1950s and introduced the fine European tradition of baking to locals by establishing Janus Bakery in Marton. With the Janus name quickly becoming synonymous with quality fresh bread throughout the lower half of the North Island, Janus introduced many innovations into the local market, including in the 60s when the bakery was the first in the country to produce sliced, wrapped bread.

Joseph and Angela Janus owned Janus Bakkerij in Lower Hutt, as we know it,  for 25 years. Arna and Jason Wnek strive to carry on the foundation of a modern bakery and eatery at 700 High Street for many years to come.

Meet Jason and Arna

Partners in life and business, Jason and Arna, are proud to have become the new owners of Janus Bakkerij in mid 2022.

Arna and Jason created Fix Federation together, with Jason having been baking for over 20 years. He started his career after school in the dish room at Janus Bakkerij. (So yes, you can say that Jason has truly gone full circle).

Jason completed his apprenticeship under Joe Janus and was at Janus Bakkerij for 10 years before moving to London. He and Arna travelled Europe, visiting nearly every bakery they walked past, tasting the different delicacies of other cultures baked traditions, and were set on bringing some of these amazing baked delicacies back to New Zealand.

"It’s been quite surreal thinking about Jason going from being an after school dish hand, to owning Janus Bakkerij. Between the two sites, we employ over 40 people in the Hutt. We are both incredibly proud of our team!"

- Arna

Visit Jason and Arna at Janus Bakkerij - 700 High Street, Boulcott, Lower Hutt
or Fix Federation - Shop 5/79 High Street, Hutt Central, Lower Hutt


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